1 star. In my neighborhood.
1 star. Locally owned bakery.
1 star. Ultra friendly service. The owner was outside chatting with all the customers and made my kids feel super special by offering them free candies, chatting with them about pandas, and even taking their picture and saying he would hang it on the wall.
1 star. The stuff is really good. I haven't tried any of the actual food yet, just the desserts, but I definitely enjoyed the pumpkin pie and the Oreo cheesecake. The cheesecake has a really rich flavor even though....
1 star. HEALTHY! They avoid flour and sweeteners when possible, and/or sub with stevia, almond flour, etc. cheesecake is only 150 calories a piece and a lot of that comes with the 19 g of protein! Yes they add protein powder to some of the desserts. It's enough to be my special treat substitute for my daily protein Shake.
Welcome to the neighborhood, great grubbing! See you again soon!

From Mindy A

A new great healthy food choice.

Their smoothies are delicious, their sandwiches are handmade on the spot and the fixings are fresh and their gluten free selection will fool even the most savvy sweet tooth.

The home made nut butters are not to be missed!

Vegan/veg friendly and for the carnivores out there they serve a large selection of meat as well so there is something for everyone!

5 stars!

From Brett A

So glad this place is now open on sunday. Gluten free
desserts great smoothies and healthy food.

from Cami B

Great grubbing is truly great! I go there all the time for their amazing protein smoothies and protein muffins. Everything is so fresh and affordable. I highly recommend their salads and protein donuts. Also, if you watch your sugar intake, they have plenty of sweet treats that won't kill your diet.

from Kristen S

Wow! This place is completely gluten free! Celiac disease do not have to worry here! I spoke with the owner and he will not even allow his employees to bring lunch that may have gluten in it. The breakfast sandwich I had is amazing and fresh. It includes free cup of coffee if you come in to eat between 8-10am. The customer service is top notch and the owner was very friendly. Their nut butters start at only $6.00 for 12oz which is very inexpensive. They also serve gluten free pizza and can make it "take-and-bake" style so you can cook it fresh at home. I cannot wait to come back and try desserts and fresh fruit and veggie smoothies that look divine! If you call a few days ahead of time you can even order a gluten free birthday cake! So happy this place is here.

from Anna G

This place was awesome!! Great food that is great for you and everything is gluten free. I got the salad (which was fantastic), my daughter had the pizza that she loved and we got a smoothly which was so healthy and delicious. The crowning moment was the gf banana bread with Nutella...omg this filled the void that reg banana bread has left behind. I'm so excited to have found a place that I can get treats without cheating :)

from Jessica B

Fantastic place for a nice, healthy meal. The staff is friendly and knowledgeable. It's also a good spot for a great smoothie. The menu was put together by nutrition experts; a perfect post workout cafe.

from Chris C

Love love love this place. They have the best treats, sandwiches, salads and do NOT forget to get a smoothie! The people are so friendly and make sure you are well taken care of. Anything u need they have covered! Thanks Great Grubbing for our new favorite place!!!!

from Krista M

Healthy cheesecakes, muffins, cookies, donuts, and smoothies?! They do exist and they're delicious! Everything is made with no oil, butter, shortening, flour, or sugar and sweetened with stevia. Cute little shop with tables to eat and complimentary fruit infused water and customer service was excellent. I recommend the banana, chia, coconut, and cashew cheesecake and the New Zealand lamb meatballs. Check them out and be sure to stop by after Labor Day weekend!
(Overheard the owner saying they'll start serving sandwiches etc)

from Dee B

Every item on the menu is delicious and extremely healthy. The smoothies are full of fresh ingredients and protein. The pastries taste even better than their unhealthy counterparts. They give samples of most items so you can taste a variety of food they offer. I highly recommend Great Grubbing.

from Samantha B

Finally, a bakery that makes healthy, gluten-free muffins that honestly taste good! My favorite was the Sweet Potato Pumpkin. Tastes just like pumpkin pie in a muffin. There was also a good selection of other low fat, gluten free and vegan products such as cheese cakes, cookies, and nut butters with healthy, amazing ingredients.
The staff was super nice and gave us several free samples.

from Margaret N

Sweet potato muffins, smoothies, butters and cheesecakes are fantastic. Owner Kenny is great to talk to and really has put together a nice place.

from Heather T

Smoothies here are amazing!! No juices or purées just fruits and veggies... Great price 20 oz for 5.99 and it comes with protein powder too.. Can't wait to go back!!!!!

Gen C

AMAZING food, and WONDERFUL service! The price point is SOOO GREAT considering the quality of the food!!! It is a MUST try!

from Cheri R

Omg my friend bought me chocolate sweet potato pumpkin muffins. They are awesome. The nutrition facts are amazing my next thing I want to try is the cinnamon apple cheesecake...

I love the muffins thank you

from Kathy B

Great Grubbing is excellent! Amazing service and five star quality decadent and healthy desserts. You're able to have decadent, flavorful baked goods without sacrificing your health!

I bought the sweet potato pumpkin pie and it was delicious. It has an amazing creamy consistency but a surprising crunch from the carrots in each bite! Exquisite!

from Caitlyn R

100% Dedicated Gluten-Free Kitchen!!!!!! Sandwiches, salads, pizzas, meals to-go, vegan options, protein muffins, smoothies, nut butters, cheesecakes,, gee, did I mention they are 100% GLUTEN-FREE! ;-) Please, PLEASE go and check out this awesome cafe & bakery. Owners Kenny Knoll & Sierra Sapunar are incredible people and truly PASSIONATE about bringing healthy, DELICIOUS gluten-free options to the Las Vegas valley!

WHAT TO ORDER (my personal favorites):
Caribbean Green Protein Filled Smoothie! I normally don't love "green" smoothies, but this one is REALLY tasty!!!
Made to Order GLUTEN-FREE Sandwich! Okay, so there were honestly SO MANY options to choose from (2 different kinds of GF bread, 3 choices of meat, 4 types of cheese, dozens of fresh veggie to choose from, tons of different spreads and other toppings to add), I didn't know where to start. SO, I asked Kenny (the owner) to just create something he thought we would was TO DIE FOR!!! Wow, I made him write down exactly what he added and have gotten that every time since...SO GOOD! Here's what it had: UDI's Grain Bread, Turkey, Provolone, Kale, Tomato, Spring Mix, Red Onion, Cucumber, Black Olives, Banana Peppers, topped with Sriracha Mayo & Avocado. OMG...I'm getting hungry just thinking about it. :-)

from Gluten Free Las Vegas Website